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How to Tap Into Your Past Lives

How to Tap Into Your Past Lives

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Have you ever wondered how you know what you know, why you are attracted to or repelled by certain people or places, or even periods of history? Why do you enjoy certain foods, smells, music, or physical locations and can’t stand others? What about dreams of other time periods, especially ones you experience over and over again? Those experiences may be your past lives talking! It doesn’t take a mystic to tap into your past lives. In this guide, you’ll learn the simple exercises that could open the door to an exciting new adventure and reveal who you were in a past life.

How Do You Remember?

Let’s take a brief moment and consider how your memories come back to you. You experience them in one or more of the five senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, or smelling. Just doing this exercise may teach you something about yourself that you never knew. Try to think of an example for each of these questions:

You may have answers to all the questions above, or you may be able to remember with only one or just a few of the senses. That is the way you are, and no one will do this exercise the same way.

How Do You Imagine?

So how well do you imagine? Believe it or not memories are a form of imagination. The way you recall in your five senses is the way you imagine. Your unconscious mind is the repository that holds all the images in your memory, even those from past lives. Some people have a hard time accepting what they are imaging. They often analyze everything and miss what is coming up from their unconscious mind.

How well do you imagine with your senses?

Were you able to experience this exercise through one or more of your senses? If you did, you are already well on the way to developing tools that will help you in discovering your past lives.

Visiting History

Do you have a favorite time in history that you are especially interested in? If you do, take a comfortable breath and imagine a picture from that time in your mind. Make note of the details in the scene.

Now come back to full consciousness. Did you experience anything? If you did, you may have discovered a scene from one of your past lives. That is how easy it is. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Discovering Your Past Lives, Second Edition, will provide you with many more simple techniques to connect with the memories of your soul.

by Michael R. Hathaway, D.C.H.