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How to Block an Incoming Call on Your Cell Phone

How to Block an Incoming Call on Your Cell Phone

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Whether telemarketers, spam text messages, or old flame that doesn’t seem to realize you’re no longer interested, unwanted cell phone traffic is simply annoying. If you are ready to finally get rid of those irritating interruptions, this guide will show you how to do it.

Do Not Call Registry

If you are specifically hoping to keep telemarketers from calling you, add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry. However, it may take as many as 31 days for you to stop receiving those unwanted calls. If, after 31 days, those bothersome rings are still coming through, then you can file a complaint with the registry at their website.

Carrier Services

Some cell phone carriers provide customers with tools to block specific numbers. This may be a simpler option for someone that is looking to block certain numbers aside from telemarketers. However, going through your phone service carrier may mean that you’ll have to pay for this convenience.

By visiting your carrier’s website, you’ll quickly learn of features like these that you have not known existed.

Smart Phones

If you own an iPhone, Android phone, or any of the other popular smart phones on the market, your phone might come with built-in features that allow you to block numbers. For example, some phones allow you to send unwanted calls straight to voicemail. You will have to check you phone’s menu to see if you have this feature. If you do, the most common way to block a call is by adding the unwanted number to your contact list and changing that particular contact’s preferences. Your phone may do it a bit differently, so double check your options.

Smart phones also give you the opportunity to download applications that may prevent these calls. In the Blackberry App World, you can download Call Blocker Professional as a possible solution. The Android Market has Call Blocker amongst others while the iPhone App Store has TrapCall to assist you with your needs. Keep in mind that while these applications might be inexpensive to download, they may require a monthly service charge for proper use.

Other Services

There are also a number of online services available that make call blocking simple and user friendly. Here are two of the top-used services:

Cell phone spam is irritating, but with a bit of research you can stop those annoying calls from bothering you again.

by Winnie De Moya