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Did you know…

The Animal Kingdom
One of Britain’s decorated war heroes is a pigeon.
Dolphins are paranoid.
The color egg a hen will lay can be determined by her earlobes.
The smallest bird in the world weighs less than a penny.
The Sexton beetle is nature’s mortician.
Arts & Entertainment
The first Academy Awards ceremony took fifteen minutes.
Kevin O’Connell is the unluckiest man in Academy Awards history.
An unusual book, put forth in 1939, is a composition with a big omission.
Dr. Seuss wrote one of his most famous books on a dare.
The difference between Broadway and Off Broadway shows has nothing to do with location.
For three days in August 1969, Bethel, New York, was one of the biggest cities in the state.
Bono saved the life of a fan during U2’s performance at Live Aid.
The longest movie ever made is 87 hours.
Mae West was arrested for her performance in a Broadway show.
The largest cast of living creatures for a Hollywood film totaled 22 million.
Johann Sebastian Bach wrote a cantata about being addicted to coffee.
The most recorded song in history was originally titled “Scrambled Eggs.”
The most viewed video on YouTube has been seen more than 280 million times.
On February 28, 1983, CBS aired the most-watched sitcom episode in television history.
The longest round of applause lasted one hour and 20 minutes.
Miss Piggy had a cameo in The Empire Strikes Back.
There was a seventh Beatle.
Jackie Kennedy won a Golden Girl.
Celery is the Holy Grail of diet foods.
The pineapple is not native to Hawaii.
Tomatoes can command insects to declare war.
Popsicles® were invented by an eleven-year-old kid.
Salisbury steak was invented as a health food.
7-Up once contained Lithium.
There is a fruit whose smell is so horrible, it is illegal in some countries.
The 3 Musketeers candy bar was not named for swordsmen.
Pretzels were invented for Lent.
Queen Elizabeth II is the largest landowner on earth. She also owns whales.
An eighteenth-century Russian peasant woman was the mother of all mothers.
If it hadn’t been for his father, Charles Dickens might never have written his most famous works.
The most successful—and feared—pirate in history was a woman.
China’s most famous poet died for the love of a reflection.
Elvis Presley won three Grammys—but none of them were for rock and roll.
Legendary lawman Wyatt Earp was a horse thief.
Alexander Graham Bell refused to own a telephone.
Lizzie Borden was acquitted.
Mata Hari lost her head—literally.
Marilyn Monroe had several military awards to her credit.
Abraham Lincoln’s son has a strange connection to presidential assassinations.
Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays.
Peter the Great put a tax on beards.
The first American female casualty of World War II was a movie star.
Andrew Jackson was called “King Andrew I” by his contemporaries.
Ireland’s most famous (and bloodthirsty) executioner was a woman.
Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his own death.
There was a real Man in the Iron Mask.
Gustav III of Sweden made coffee a death sentence.
British monarchs have two birthdays.
The first astronaut was a 16th-century Chinese man.
Vishnu was the tallest dwarf in the Universe
Greek god Hermes was the Thomas Edison of his time.
To the west of Bermuda is an ocean with no shoreline.
There is a place in Japan that is hell on earth—actually, nine hells.
The name of the San Diego Wild Animal Park’s monorail, Wgasa, is actually an acronym—and not a very clean one.
Georgia, the 13th colony, was founded to house British debtors.
The state of Wyoming is named after a place in Pennsylvania.
Elvis did not name his now famous mansion.
Disneyland’s Matterhorn ride has a secret place built into it.
Chicago’s nickname, “The Windy City,” has nothing to do with weather.
Because of a Virginia law, the Pentagon has twice as many bathrooms than was originally planned.
Mexico City is sinking.
London’s Big Ben is not a clock.
Minnesota is not only the land of 10,000 lakes, it is the land of 10,000 “firsts.”
The builders of the Hoover Dam owe a huge debt to acrobats.
Zanesville, Ohio, has the most confusing bridge in the United States.
In Japan there is a ceremonial festival dedicated to broken needles.
The Canary Islands are named for dog worshippers.
There is a Stonehenge in the United States.
Pop Culture
The shortest Super Bowl commercial ran just one-half second.
IKEA’s crazy product names came about because of its owner’s disability.
The tradition of carving pumpkins came about because of a drunkard.
Nintendo has been around for more than 100 years.
The iconic “I Want My MTV!” slogan was a knock-off of a 1950s TV commercial.
The British used Monopoly games to free POWs held by the Nazis.
Batman carries a weapon specifically for killing Superman.
British Royal Weddings did not become public events until 1923.
The “V” for Victory finger sign actually started as a taunt.
The highest scoring word in Scrabble is worth 1,970 points.
Barbie is a cheesehead.
Sweden once had two Leaps Days in one year.
Doorways make you forget.
In the wrong hands, one Christmas custom can bring a whole lot of bad luck.
Because of a printer’s error, one edition of the Bible went from pious to downright wicked.
Singing “Happy Birthday to You” in public can land you in jail.
According to Italian space trackers, there are cosmonauts stranded in space.
In Denmark, it is illegal to name your child Apple.
A small strait off the coast of Wales is the scene of the strangest coincidence ever recorded.
The electric chair was invented by a dentist.
Nutmeg can kill you.
A Frenchman once ate an entire airplane.
Shakespeare wrote the first knock-knock joke.
In fifteenth-century Britain, people were banned from wearing buttons.
The fear of Friday the 13th is called Friggatriskaidekaphobia.
The Mayflower set sail from Devonshire, England, on this day—in 1957.
There is no need to be wary of Ides.
The word “Abracadabra” was originally used to cure malaria.
Post-it® notes were invented in church.
Science & Nature
A poem about drinking can help you remember the digits of pi.
The Sun is going to go through a major change in 2012—it’s going to flip.
Earthquakes can cause strange lights to appear in the sky.
A note jotted in the margin of a book has driven mathematicians crazy for four centuries.
Once a year in Honduras, it rains fish.
There are stones in Death Valley that move themselves.
Most of your body’s cells are not your own.
At liftoff, the Space Shuttle weighs as much as 1,000 Statues of Liberty.
The world’s first website was about the web.
One man visited the Moon—and stayed.
Harrison Ford has a spider—and an ant!—named after him.
The seventh planet in our solar system was originally named George’s Star.
Stress can trigger Exploding Head Syndrome.
February 3 was the coldest day in North American history.
Sports & Recreation
The New York Yankees’ iconic “NY” logo was designed by Tiffany & Co.—but not for the Yankees.
Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were once struck out by a 17-year-old girl.
Tug of War was once an Olympic sport.
Baseball catchers once wore the most bizarre contraption in the history of the game.
Legendary pitcher Cy Young got into the majors because of a spectacularly strange trade.
The longest tennis match in history lasted three days.
The FBI’s Public Enemy Number One was a baseball player.
No broadcast footage of Super Bowl I exists.
United States History
If it weren’t for Navajo Indians, the United States would have lost the battle at Iwo Jima.
Before 1883, there were 8,000 times zones in the United States.
The first fatality of the Civil War was an accident.
Many delegates did not sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4th.
If Benjamin Franklin had his way, our national bird would be the turkey.
The Liberty Bell was never rung on July 4, 1776.
The correct folding of the American flag 13 times does not symbolize the 13 colonies.
Scopes never committed the crime that led to the Scopes Monkey Trial.
After the doomed Apollo 13 landed, Houston had another—hilarious—problem.
The United States Constitution isn’t perfect—grammatically speaking.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I have a dream” was improvised.
The United States once included a state named Franklin.
On August 4, 1922, every phone in North America went silent.
“The Star-Spangled Banner” was originally a British drinking song.
The shortest U.S. Presidential term was 1 day.
The New York Stock Exchange began in a coffee shop.
There was once a 5-cent bill.
President Roosevelt’s safety during World War II was due to Al Capone.
Puff the Magic Dragon was a war hero
World History
Giants once roamed the Earth.
The country of Andorra fought World War 1 for 25 years.
If it hadn’t been for the Marquis de Sade, The French Revolution might not have been won.
Only one of the Seven Wonders of the World still exists.
The British started a war over an ear.
Bulgarians have deemed the chushkopek the most important invention of the twentieth century.
Neanderthals were gum chewers.
The shortest war in history lasted 38 minutes.
Marie Antoinette was misquoted.
September 3, 1752, never happened.
Ancient Romans believed onions, human hair, and fish could calm thunderbolts.
Christianity was banned in Japan until 1854.